In The Age Of Islamic Radical Behavior, Is Being An Ambassador A Dead End Job?

We all remember Ambassador Jim Stevens who was killed along with his security detail in Benghazi Libya and we know that investigation is still on-going after some 4+ years. Apparently, there were some serious mistakes made in a surface-to-air manpad missile exchange with rebels close to our intelligence services. Of course, this was somewhat classified, but is common knowledge now in hindsight with anyone remotely in-the-know or close to international diplomacy.

Before, Jim Stevens was killed the US hadn’t lost an ambassador in 30-years, so that was a real awakening call. Not surprised being as the world has had some rather radical Islamic terrorist events in the last 20 years, ever increasingly. And it’s not just the US Ambassadors that seem to be worried around the world. On December 19, 2016 – A radicalized Islamic killed the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. Andrie Karlov. The killer was a Turkish Policeman – he allegedly pumped 7-8 rounds into the back of the Ambassador during a speech. The new media showed footage of Andrie Karlov being shot in the back at an art exhibition “Russia in the Eyes of Turks” and then yelled for us to remember Aleppo and Syria.

If we cannot have international diplomats keeping communication open, how can we as a world stay at peace? Worse, how about the meaningful people who believe in peace who take on these rolls as ambassadors? Maybe in the future we’ll need holographic diplomats who will remain safe in their own countries while their hologram visits other nations. If someone shoots a hologram, nothing happens – the individual is not hurt and the gunman will simply be arrested. We have all this technology now, and perhaps this is a solution to this problem.

In the last ten years we’ve had our embassies attacked, burned to the ground and have even been forced to shoot back merely to protect ourselves. Generally, these events end up hurting the host country’s reputation on the global stage, but they do cost us tax dollars for embassies, security and unfortunately lives. Not good. An attack on one of our embassies is serious and each one that occurs without justice emboldens future attacks. In most cases they are attacked because they are a symbol of American Power and they are the closest example, and an easy target.

If I were giving advice to anyone thinking about a job in international diplomacy, or as an ambassador in the future – I’d tell them not to do it, but if they did, I’d thank them for helping our country in such a chaotic world we live.